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WE are one of the leaders in Dual Sport Conversion

Coyote Offroad is a unique motorcycle business that specializes in on/offroad Dual Sport bike set-up and rides.

We complete, assist and inspect Dual Sport conversions, allowing customers to have street legal motorcycles without losing the capabilities to still play offroad.

Our 4 main Business objectives:

  1. Installation and certifying dual sport conversions to meet WA DOL law SB5800

  2. Dual Sport Events and Event Promotions

  3. Dual Sport Bike Builds

  4. Dual Sport Accessories

One aspect of our business is to convert an offroad motorcycle into a legal dual sport bike that meets the WA DOL (department of licensing) SB5800 specs effective January 2012. We specialize in the installation and set-up to complete the inspection, signing off the DOL form and allowing customers a seamless process in obtaining an official WA license plate.

Coyote Offroad focuses on researching the equipment needed for converting the customer’s motorcycle from offroad to a true Dual Sport. We understand the laws and regulations called out by the Washington DOL and State Patrol to permit the use of converted offroad motorcycles for use on the street. 

Our business model is to make every experience as seamless as possible. We are building our business on referrals from past customers and a reputation we have together as experienced riders and business owners. 

Our focus is to do the research and development to build a first class dual sport bike. We build bikes to their optimal potential with the best products in the market place. 

Our builds use the same top-notch equipment that we would install on our own personal bikes. Our harnesses are clean with connectors built to last in the most rugged terrain. Last thing anyone needs out on the open trail is an electrical failure!! We intentionally build wiring harnesses that can be connected and disconnected as component/accessories are added and removed.