”pavement to trail and back”

Est. 2012 

Coyote Offroad is a partnership of Jerod Kitchel and Lane Keller, two unique individual backgrounds that together make a solid business for years to come.

We have a common goal in building the best product around with a professional approach and planning/promoting events that leave the participants eager for our next event.

Owner, Jerod Kitchel, a long time business owner, with years of corporate experience building long time relationships with businesses around Washington State. He grew up with a father owning a body shop.

Jerod understands the life of small business and has a passion for being creative in his build projects. Jerod has experience in building a business from ground up into a reputable business in a challenging industry. He’s an avid recreational rider that’s been riding for over 20 years. 

Owner, Lane Keller is about as detailed oriented as anyone in the industry.  He’s got years of working maintenance and grounds for various school districts. 

His work ethics and personable relationships with everyone around make him the go-to guy for everyone and very well respected in the community.

Lane is a natural at mapping/navigation routing which lends to every event being different.  This likely comes from his past as a Helicopter pilot in the Army. 

Lane has spent years making his way in and around the mountains and bringing those years of exploring to the business.  He is very well recognized and respected in the community.

We have the foundation as individuals to collectively build a business that will be around for years to come.

Coyote Offroad’s short-term goal is to service customers today, but long-term wants to service your kids as they grow into adulthood.

We have a passion for the sport and want to see Washington become the go-to state for everyone that wants to enjoy the sport of motorcycles.

We believe in “Pavement to trail and back”

We’d love to meet you and would really enjoy hearing your story…..ok and riding would be cool too

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