Coyote Offroad has experience with planning and completing multiple day Dual Sport rides. Organizing these rides take years of planning and pre-riding unfamiliar areas to ensure smooth/safe guided rides. The advantage to guided rides is to not only give riders an experience like none other, but to extend our riding across the entire state which takes significant planning. Most people go to the same place every time and make minor variations to their route each time. We take you from place to place on your bike. Coyote Offroad Guided Rides have a chase vehicle that transports Food, Gas, Delivers your gear and spare parts. Our Guided Ride trips is inclusive of Guide Service, Food, Fuel, Trail Repairs, Emergency Equipment and transportation of riding gear, camp gear and spare parts from campsite to campsite.

Coyote Offroad is one of the only companies that offer Guided Dual Sport rides in Washington State. Our intention with these guided rides is to take people on rides that connect one riding place to another safely. You’d be amazed with how much riding is available in the state of Washington when you have a license plate.

Question is……what does Coyote Offroad consider an Adventure or Dual Sport ride? Our rides have expanded from the Canada border to the Washington/Oregon border with some minimal charted areas in between. Our objective is to maximize single track trails and with minimal pavement.

Our Guided Rides do not put you back on the same trail twice (unless mother nature turns us around, rare occurrence) we place a lot of emphasize on chartering new tracks the entire route.

Our rides are not a normal weekend motorcycle ride. This is an adventure, provided with amazing view points, many moments of self accomplishments, teamwork and loads of fun. This tour requires elements of endurance and stamina. Riders must be able to ride in adverse weather conditions and adverse road/trail conditions. Riders must be physically fit, mentally strong, and able to cope with adversity. Coyote Offroad wants everyone to be able to experience our Guided Rides, so we work very hard to taylor routes to riders ability. Be ready for a true adventure and lifetime experience!!!

We believe in “Pavement to trail and back”!!

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